Can they be towed on the road?

Our Shepherd Huts are based on traditional cast iron wheels that form a solid foundation and enable mobility for short distances. They do not have pneumatic tyres or suspension so are therefore not legal on the roads in any state of Australia. They can, however be easily moved around your land.

How long do they take to build?

Depending on the complexity of the build and the amount of back orders being completed we generally allow 4-8 weeks from deposit to delivery.

Are there any different toilet models available?

Yes, we offer 3 different styles of toilet. The standard china flushing toilet that would need to be plumbed into a septic or into sewerage. A caravan style chemical toilet with china bowl that has a waste hatch for easy removal of the waste cassette.

Finally we offer compost toilets in many different styles and sizes to suit your needs.

How are they delivered?

Our Shepherd Huts are delivered on tow trucks (depending on the size) in Victoria and on a flatbed truck throughout Australia. Both are delivered using our trusted, insured and long serving freight company that is well versed in siting and delivering our Shepherd Huts. The huts are fulling insured in transit.

Is Finance / Insurance available?

Finance is available through QPF Finance and we are proud to be the first in Australia to have our own sub category for Shepherd Huts under RACV insurance.

Do we require council permission / permits for a Shepherd Hut?

A Shepherd Hut is a portable structure on wheels, and to our knowledge does not typically need planning permission. However, we strongly advise you check with your local council for confirmation as different areas may have different restrictions.

Can I change the design, size and colour scheme?

Our Shepherd Huts are totally customisable to your specific design needs and can have whatever custom furniture, fittings or window/door layout your require. We build as much as possible in house or use a dedicated professional outside team that is vetted to ensure only the best trades and craftsman are used.

However due to transport restrictions the overall width and height cannot be changed. Colour schemes are totally at your discretion and for the Merino Hut & the Cubby Hut can be chosen from the huge Porters paint colour range. For the Classic Hut you can choose from Haymes range of Heritage colours.

Can my Shepherd Hut be off grid?

Shepherd Huts are a perfect retreat for remote areas and can be fully self sustainable. Many of our clients have had compost toilets, solar power, generators and water tanks fitted to enable a totally off grid experience.

We do not install solar options as there are many different models and sizes but can fully solar ready your hut for you to hook up the best system for you. We can also install gutters and stand alone water tanks in the same colour as your chosen Colourbond roof colour.

Do you offer a warranty and structural certificate?

Yes, our steel structurally engineered chassis is built to last a lifetime and will not warp, twist or bow and has a loading rating of 3 tonnes. We offer a 7 year warranty on the building structure. Please see our terms & conditions for more details.

Why choose a Shepherd Hut over a yurt?

A Shepherd Hut makes the ideal added space that will survive all that the weather can throw at it and can be used year round. Unlike yurts, a Shepherd Hut is an Heirloom piece and we use Eco Wool insulation throughout to ensure year round comfort.

Additionally, the aesthetics of a Shepherd Hut suit all generations and most styles of home. A Shepherd Hut makes you smile and beckons you in and will stand the test of time.

What are some of the uses of a Shepherds Hut?

The uses are endless and have the advantage of being able to be used only hours after delivery, meaning no tradesman waking you at 7am, no permits and a stress free build. Our clients have used them as outside dinning/cooking areas, Spare rooms, Home Offices, Study Rooms, Kids Playrooms, B&Bs.

Basically they are perfect as a home extension that you get to take with you when you move, or as a holiday retreat on a lovely block of land by a glistening stream ( for example).

What kind of foundation do I need?

Merino Shepherd Huts are very low impact on the ground but a solid foundation is necessary to avoid any sinking into the ground. The huts can be placed on grass however, we recommend placing a concrete paver or small railway sleeper under each wheel


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