We have a successful Bed and Breakfast business, and a few years ago, while looking to expand we came up against numerous planning permission issues. With little hope, we searched for alternative options, and luckily stumbled across the Shepherd Hut. The mobile nature of the Shepherd Hut made it an ideal extra accommodation space without the need for planning permission. Another advantage of the Shepherd Hut was that it is self-contained, and can feature a bed, kitchen, shower and toilet – perfect for B&B guests.


Being based in Victoria, Australia, we decided instead of importing a hut from the UK, we would be better served by manufacturing a unique outbuilding ourselves. The benefits of utilising Australian timber and materials were self evident, given the specific demands of the Australian climate and environment.


With many others looking for spare rooms, offices or workshops, among other things, we thought we’d share our experience, and setup a small business we now call Merino Shepherd Huts. We produce the huts in a small workshop on acres of bush in Monbulk (Victoria), using locally sourced materials and craftsmen and women to create great value customised living spaces. Over the last three years, we have developed our own distinct design and brand, appropriate for the Australian landscape being very different from the British environment.


We have grown significantly in the past three years and our huts can be found in most states of Australia.

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